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for the Catalina 28, 310, 320, 
34, 350, 36, 375, 380, 387, 42, 440

The end of sore backs and tired feet while
standing watch at the helm!

The beginning of great visibility while seated at the helm!

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PROBLEM: If you stand watches at the helm of a Catalina, you have to stay on your feet for decent visibility.  If you sit behind the helm, you can't see the water ahead -- let alone your chartplotter!  So you are on your feet all night! See the Helmseat
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SOLUTION: The Helmseat was made for you!  It allows you to sit behind the helm and keep your head height the same as if you were standing.  And it's a really comfortable seat, with a full backrest! Check our guarantee
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PROBLEM: When standing at the helm, it would be less tiring if you could lean back occasionally against a padded backrest.

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SOLUTION: The Helmseat places the bottom cushion of the seat right where you can comfortably lean back against it.

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PROBLEM: The shorter sailor has trouble seeing over the fully-loaded nav pod above the binnacle. 
SOLUTION: The Helmseat provides the height of the Catalina stern-rail seats, only centered just behind the helm!  Hop up in the seat, and you get instant visibility!


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